Cheju Worldcup Stadium 2001
 1 Story Below Ground,
 5 Stories Above Ground
 Structure:Reinforced Concrete & Truss
 Competition Winner
 Awards:Annual Prize, K.I.A.
             Annual Prize, Kim Swoo-geun
             Cultural Foundation
The unique shape of this 2002 Worldcup Stadium resembles "orum", or the local name for the mounds and craters created by parasitic volcanic activities. Located on a gentle slope toward the sea, this low keyed and low profiled stadium helps to preserve the magnificent view from the city and the stadium toward the sea. The wing-shaped roof that covers slightly over 50 percent of all spectator seats is suspended from the six soaring masts by cables. Design of the stadium intends to be harmonized with nature and its environment so that it becomes a part of wholesome environment, as many examples of vernacular architecture do. The stadium satisfies all the FIFA requirements including media facilities, accessibility for disabled, and safety zonings, among others
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 2001 Cheju Worldcup

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